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Presentation of the company founded by cav. Foti
On 03 March 1968, registered at the Chamber of Commerce. The construction company called Survey Foti.

Entrepreneurial activity is beginning to take shape after a lengthy process, begun years before by myself, as an apprentice bricklayer and so on growing up to become a master builder.

The experience gained in the field, is taking security in myself and family thanks to the collaboration, I can create and start the construction company.

The company is one of the country of birth, a small village pre-aspromonte, populated by about 200 souls, there are many towns nearby that offer good prospects on the housing market. So during the first year the business is concentrated mainly in the renovation and building construction in the private sector. Over time the range widens, one begins to take on important work, the business grows and the volume of work remains constant.

In the mid-'70s, the areas of interest are beginning to diversify, which in addition to building constructions, I am interested in road building, create an administrative structure that can give me support to entertain relations with public and thus begin to participate in first invitations to tender organized by ANAS, from provincial, regional and municipal governments, met with good success that reached its peak when I get great satisfaction with firm confidence Anas.

In view of this, I begin to make some important decisions about its future, and l take responsibility for investment in equipment and buildings to be used in piace of business, I estimate that the logistic position is crucial for the success of future programs. Entrepreneurial activity continues evolving, growing and open up new opportunities available because of the numerous works carried out, this "wealth of experience" means that the company has the requirements to access the subscription of the National Constructors (ANC), certification is essential for further quantum leap in access and completion of public works of some economic importance.

After achieving this certification, the company focuses on the creation of public works in the road sector alone. During 1983 there is the opportunity establish its headquarters in a better logistical position, I take this opportunity in full, purchase a plot of land; with the collaboration of, technical trust is drawn up a project for the construction of new premises including offices, workshop, shed housing resources, transportation and storage yard of handling material and then a batching plant for concrete production.

The business strategy is working and has its rewards, passion and positive results mean that even the children follow in my footsteps, so during the 80's are created within the family other construction companies with the same purpose. Things are going not without difficulty of the case, which are dealt with nicely, family-run company from an impression of reliability and punctuality in the management of all manufacturing processes in the early 90's we begin to hear with greater insistence company quakty and security sites, the group companies rì are in fine with market requirements and laws, by implanting the ISO 9002 quality systems and adopting the necessary measures in preventing accidents.

The group of companies structured in this way operates throughout theo country, special attention is given to the field of geotechnical works, in this case consolidations and protection from falling rocks, so it created an operational ad hoc staff of technicians and workers with particular expertise in the sector and ease of movement.

In the late 90's, from a management perspective things begin to become complex and humaníy unsustainable, since there are many bureaucratic requirements to perform a public work, then the logic of the group companies belonging to the same area no longer reason to exist.

Therefore materialize a draft corporate structure designed years earlier, that you create a company in each area of interest; for real estate, for the services sector, for the public works sector is made up of the company called "Italia Costruzioni e Ingengeria" in order to carry out the works acquired by public authorities, the latter company has been working right now on the public works sector with the acquisition of the business of group.

The business activity has a new functional device family, but given the amount of work, participation is extended to the administrative assistants and technicians in addition to the paid labor force implied by the workers. The new company called simply "Italia Costruzioni e Ingegneria S.r.l.", so begins to operate in all sectors of production exclusively connected to the construction industry, of which he later describes the work. Thanks to this approach, you can manage the production processes with appreciable levels of quality, the system is based on the ability of the individuai and team participation in, and then have the system of "who does what?", Keeping up our motto: "Building human progress while respecting the beauty of nature"
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