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We have worked for:
  • Anas spa - Compartments roads and special office A3
    Anas is the manager of the Italian motorway and road network of national interest. It is a joint stock company whose sole shareholder is the Ministry of Economy and is under the control and supervision of technical and operational Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport.
  • Autostrade spa Italy
    Autostrade per l'Italia is the leading European Concessionaire for toll motorway construction and management, and for related transport services. In Italy, about 5 million motorists use the Group's motorways daily. Those motorways cover 3,132 km and contribute to the social and economic standing of Italy within Europe, ensuring an effective transport system and indispensable services in (and between) urban areas.
  • Farm Roads Lazio spa
    The ASTRAL, Lazio Spa Road Company, is the company of the Lazio Region, responsible for the Design, Implementation, Maintenance, Administrative Management and Supervision of approximately 1,500 km of regional roads.
  • Ferrovie Nord Milano spa
    FERROVIENORD is entirely controlled by FNM and it manages an over 300 km network and 120 stations situated on five lines in the hinterland north of Milan as well as in the Milan, Varese, Como, Novara and Brescia areas, serviced by 800 trains a day ( one every three minutes leaving and arriving at Cadorna station, at peak times).
  • Italian Rail Network spa
    Rete Ferroviaria Italiana (RFI) is the company of the Ferrovie dello Stato Group with the public role of Infrastructure Manager. As the body responsible for the track, the stations and the installations, RFI ensures to Italian railway undertakings the access to the railway network, performs the maintenance and the safe circulation on the whole network, manages the investments for the upgrading and improvement of railway lines and installations and it develops the technology of systems and materials.
  • Regional Directors of the nations
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